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How to Edit Like syBka ?! ;)
Well Hello Guys , 

most of us know gotaio youtube "syBka" & i think he is the best editor i ever seen :! 
so now i try to make an video like his edit & i want ur opinion abt it ;Wink
Take a look & let me know if i were close !!!! 


ps : please for small support dont forget sub & Thanks!
Editing that much is just a waste of time.

But, I am somewhat impressed by his edits, though.
forever latios and latias <3

Why is this game still alive? Isn't it ruined enough?

An old/active forum user who tries to be "smart" enough to help out players in the forums, so expect to see me a lot in the threads.

Dutch Angel Dragons are hecking cute.

Furries rule.

best siggy made by soup

[Image: UyBi1l5.gif]

sylveon, velli, Kevin, miku, ophis, and others..
thanks for being great friends, couldn't ask for better ones.<3
Why edit like sybaka? Hes the noobiest out of all of LL clan, and his edits just make me cringe. Lets not talk about his new video. Every single play is absolute trash. The edits just make even worse. But still, I do respect the hard work and time you put into the edits.
wow this is the funniest joke ive seen in my life
Thank you Guys
i just want to know if my edit is good enough ^^ !

Thanks any way

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