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    hello, I would like to have a locked name in I did not meet the requirements, I would record videos from gita I already recorded a lot, about 200 videos from suby did not enter because my movies were stuck and nothing came out, I play this game year and I would like to ask you to block the name, please block the name make an exception <3

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    Can you not ask for a locked name.
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    Despite its horrible community.

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      Register my sub panel


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        Good afternoon. I've been playing your game for a long time. I decided to start the channel on YouTube> I would like to receive a blocked name. I will not ask much. I'll understand if you refuse.


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          Hello I play drop by time I have several skins etc ... but I do not know how to get sub panel I have a channel and I do drop videos, but I wanted a sub panel to register my name as I do to get a sub panel .ops I do not have many registered moderator of gout you can help me acquire thank you <3


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            As you said, you do not meet the requirements. Therefore you will not get a locked name. The chance of an exception being made is quite low, so making a thread like this when you acknowledge that you do not meet the requirements, is pointless.

            Subscriptions may return at some point in the near future- then you'll be able to buy your own locked name.

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     what should I do to get the Sub Panel please help??

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            good people I would like to unblock the subpanel please, I have been playing since 2016 this wonderful game very fun, competitive and addictive.
            I am proud of this wonderful game.
            please. Can you give me the subpanel? I would be completely proud if they gave me that I'm not youtuber but I record videos and share them with my friends, thanks for everything they did and I would like to get the subpanel please.
   forever i love


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     what should I do to get the Sub Panel please help??


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                Hello My Nick Is Holz Now I Started Taking The Drop. I Seriously, How Do I Have The Locked Name, If I Could Can Put The Sup Panel In My Drop?.