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    hello, I would like to have a locked name in I did not meet the requirements, I would record videos from gita I already recorded a lot, about 200 videos from suby did not enter because my movies were stuck and nothing came out, I play this game year and I would like to ask you to block the name, please block the name make an exception <3

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    Can you not ask for a locked name.
    Arceus~ The old and original person with a pokemon name in (TOTALLY THE ORIGINAL AND THAT CHARM WASN'T THE FIRST ONE TO HAVE A POKEMON NAME SSHSHHHHH)

    Been in Gota since 2015, and still proud to be in it.

    Despite its horrible community.

    Discord; ArceusK-w-#5954 Yes, i'm a furry. Deal with it.


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      Register my sub panel


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        Good afternoon. I've been playing your game for a long time. I decided to start the channel on YouTube> I would like to receive a blocked name. I will not ask much. I'll understand if you refuse.


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          Hello I play drop by time I have several skins etc ... but I do not know how to get sub panel I have a channel and I do drop videos, but I wanted a sub panel to register my name as I do to get a sub panel .ops I do not have many registered moderator of gout you can help me acquire thank you <3


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            As you said, you do not meet the requirements. Therefore you will not get a locked name. The chance of an exception being made is quite low, so making a thread like this when you acknowledge that you do not meet the requirements, is pointless.

            Subscriptions may return at some point in the near future- then you'll be able to buy your own locked name.

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              Atarlı commented
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     what should I do to get the Sub Panel please help??

            • ❤Left❤
              ❤Left❤ commented
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              No one listens to reason, you know that. There's literally a million threads out there asking for sub/sub panel. They have to see them, but think that the mods will acknowledge their 'dedication'.
              I'm using this as a reference point; I started playing before the mc troubles and before it became a web client using java ( I haven't asked for diddly doo, Now, look at this? It really doesn't make sense. Btw charm we use to play togethe alot r. Lost my Skype though. I love this community, but, when people keep asking for the same stuff over and over, knowing theres already threads on this exact topic and think that they'll be the one who gets to be the exception. I really rethink what has led me to this point xD.

              All love- leftie

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            good people I would like to unblock the subpanel please, I have been playing since 2016 this wonderful game very fun, competitive and addictive.
            I am proud of this wonderful game.
            please. Can you give me the subpanel? I would be completely proud if they gave me that I'm not youtuber but I record videos and share them with my friends, thanks for everything they did and I would like to get the subpanel please.
   forever i love


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     what should I do to get the Sub Panel please help??


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                Hello My Nick Is Holz Now I Started Taking The Drop. I Seriously, How Do I Have The Locked Name, If I Could Can Put The Sup Panel In My Drop?.