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How can i buy subscriber?

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  • How can i buy subscriber?

    Hi, i'd like to know if "subscriber" tag is avaiable to buy, and some months ago like 4 i've bought subscriber for 6 months but now the account don't exist anymore, i tried to make a new account with the same name but nothing,
    AstroYT is the name, thanks anyway!

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    Hello Astro, you can not buy subscriber at the current point in time, and most likely never. We're not allowed to sell them for legal reasons which we're not going to disclose to the general public.


    • Astro
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      Saku, some time ago i was subscriber on my account, so its strange

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    Hello Astro, people who have subscriber doesn't mean they have bought it, they have subscriber as they have won a giveaway in the Discord []
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      Hello Astro: Please refer to our FAQ page regarding locked names. It's the first, and most frequently asked, question on the list.


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        where do via prepay?