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Causeless chat ban?

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  • Causeless chat ban?


    today I was playing like usually, chatting with people and whatnot. After some time I received a message in chat, that completely cut me from chat, it said, that I was banned, reason: chat.

    So I reconnected server, since I thought, that it might be some mistake... after that I was enable to write words into the chat, but after a while, I got banned again, this time, the reason was: ban evade.

    I would love to get the exact reason of why did I get banned and if the banning was justified, I want to know the options to remove the ban.

    Sincerely, Draxteropolitanius.

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    Were you spamming chat with messages? Even if you don't consider yourself to have spammed chat, that was probably the reason. If a fast typer, the game determines bans on a message/per minute (I believe) Just clear the browsing data and sign out..... Or use a different browser and don't sign back into your gota account.

    Accidents do happen, the chat ban process is automated, so mistakes do happen even if you did nothing wrong. Bots don't have feelings. Neither does GotaJeff.

    I'd love to hear more about this incident, sorry if it did inconvenience you, it does that to us all
    All love- leftie