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  • Banned from Chat

    We all hate being banned from chat right; Well i think that the mods should get rid of being banned simply because you're banned for an hour and you get 1 warning when you get banned, if you don't know about this than you need to know about it right now!

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    The bans are long is because if they were short, then people would still continue to either spam or use one large text (ex: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA). They're long to prevent people from continually spamming, and if they continue after, then they're permanently banned from whatever server they did it from. I do agree how simply you can get a warning before the ban, but if it's the mods choice to be able to do that, then they can since they are alot of people who do like to spam or repeatedly use text.

    But to be fully understandable here,

    Bans won't get removed.
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        Our moderation utilities are in place to make the chat a better experience for everyone by eliminating spam. It does warn you before banning, and the bans are fairly short in my opinion.