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  • I'm sorry

    I'm sorry I was toxic/trolling, I got banned months ago, and I want to join the server to meet people and play with voice, I honestly don't even remember why exactly was I banned, but i'm sure it was justifed, I just hope I don't get banned for life for something I did months ago, I've changed a lot since, I do not say this to brag or anything just show my positive activity, 2 months ago I became a staff member in a pg minecraft server and i'm still staff, I know this will probably get ignored/denied but atleast i'm trying, best of luck for all the gota staff team regardless, I play since 2017 when I think (not sure my memory is not vivid) was only a exe version and locked names were available for the free. Anyways again, I'm sorry.

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    my discord is Fuii#0001


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      Hi Fuii,
      It so bad, you should contact with gota. You try follow this link