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  • discord ban

    yo you may know me as the toxic 10 year old on the discord posting porn links ye thats me i'm a smart person thats how mafia works
    basically i was told to have my ban reset on new years and my discord got disabled like a day before that, so i'm asking if i'm able to join on my other account i made.

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    Who said your ban would be reset on new years?


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      That is completely up to the higher-ups (Mods//Admins//Creator)

      Chances are, you just got told by some random that your ban would be lifted. If you actually got told by one of the higher ups, your ban would have been lifted.
      Also, your second discord account is linked to a different email, therefore, switch accounts (signing out or deleting discord) Then come back and join on that other account.
      Be warned though, if you continue to be that "toxic 10 year old" you'll probably be banned again.

      All love- Leftie ==