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  • Forum Rules

    · No flaming
    · No racism.
    · No sexism.
    · Keep arguments in PM.
    · No NSFW content (Nudity, pornography, gore)
    · No screamers/flashing images. [NOTE: Failing to follow this rule will result in permanent ban!]
    · No account sharing.
    · No self-promotion.
    · Your reputation must have a valid reason, or it will be removed once noticed.
    · No rep4rep (Reputation for reputation, farming reputation).
    · Have common sense, we shouldn't have to write this but some people don't get it.
    · No useless posting, anything un-related to the topic will be deleted. (This includes posting only emojis).
    · No advertising (Giving links to other games or forums; if you need your clan members/friends to join on it, PM it to them.)
    · No threats (DDoS, death threats, et cetera)
    · Always post in English.
    · No duplicate threads.
    · No cyber-bullying (Harassing a certain member or members continuously)
    · Do not disrespect anyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    · All posts must be easily readable. (No rainbow text, yellow text, et cetera)
    · Introduce Yourself is now for introductions only, all leaving notes will be deleted once seen, and the user will be warned.

    ·The Gota staff are not responsible for what is said or done to you outside the forums, discord or in game. We are not here to solve your personal drama.

    These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
    Staff have the final word.

    Saw someone break these rules? Help us and report it!
    Last edited by Saku; 02-10-2018, 01:34 PM. Reason: fixed stuff