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How To Level Up Fast? | Easy Tip

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  • How To Level Up Fast? | Easy Tip

    Since last 3 days, i found out how to get easy 1k experience per game.
    The trick is easy.

    *Note*: You should do it when there's not much players

    1. Open 2 pages.
    2. Join Scrimmage on both pages.
    3. Name them what you want.
    4. Try to enter these in the **same** 1v1 Dual match. (1v1 yourself)
    5. Farm some mass on 1 of cells. (I mean split 64 around, eat viruses etc.)
    6. From time to time, give some mass to your "AFK" cell.
    *Note*: The other page, should go to the wall. (Make it going to corner etc.)
    7. Wait till the timer goes to 1 minute.
    8. When the timer is at 1 minute, go next to your second game.
    9. Eat it when the timer is around 10-15 seconds.

    I used this 1 time and i got around 1k XP.
    This post, is also message to Fades and TheEpTic, that account systems aren't perfect *sadly* :v

    Thanks, Hope this worked.

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    Lol i have tactic for 10k - 8k XP in a 0 player server.


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      Actually, same.... It's not that hard bruh.


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