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RealzClan㴀 Recruiting...[Instant Merge],[MegaSplit],[Experimental]

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  • RealzClan㴀 Recruiting...[Instant Merge],[MegaSplit],[Experimental]

    -Limitless fear upon the enemies of the hopefull-
    IM = Instant Merge MS = Mega Split

    -Snorlax[Founder] IM, MS
    -Bang[Owner of Instant Merge Side] IM, MS
    -Vulpix[Council] IM, MS
    -MsMeopins[Recruiter] IM,MS
    -Npop[Seal Team] IM
    -OneShot[Senior Member]IM
    -R Y A N[Senior Member] IM
    -Faded[Senior Member] IM
    -Brigth[Senior Member] IM
    -CJ [Member] IM
    -Sagar [Member] IM

    -Under any circumstances, you are not allowed to request for promotions or ranks. -Senior Member isn't just a skill rank, everyone here is skilled, it's a rank rewarded to those who are active and loyal to the clan. -Trials are only given to people who still need some work but are thought to be able to get better to a stand where they will eventually get Member ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RealzClan㴀 Official Clan Recruitment Requirements Go to #recruitment-chat and type "@Recruitment Team I would like to tryout for the Clan." then the recruiter will hook up with you and you will Honor 1v1 him/her on Team Scrimmage three times, then you both will try to takeover on a real server if the recruiter takes over first you both will Honor 1v1 equal mass and double-splits only (Honor 1v1 = Double-splits only, no virus killing, no airs-splitting/one-splitting, equal mass.)
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will be judged on: ◦Ability to split in a continious pattern ◦Ability to play safe **and** smart(running towards or away when necessary, common in-game sense, like cell placements and decisions) ◦Reaction times ◦Ability to bait, double-split, and splits. You're also able to join the clan if you aren't skilled in as:
    ◦ VFX creator: YouTubers, sub/view count aren't really taken into consideration, must upload and compile RealzClan gameplay, we'll promote your content. ◦ GFX creator: Skin Makers, make clan skins that we could all use, must be creative and original.

    Hope you join the clan we are striving to build and rebuild the Gota aspect of a team and the word Pro.


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    Great clan!

    - Didn't know Bang was still playing
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      Sounds interesting, might give it a shot! ^^
      just one out of many..
      kidding. i'm special
      . - meezy (2018)


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        This is a shit ass post... In which servers do you even play gota... mention that first...