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What's your favourite show?

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  • What's your favourite show?

    Doesn't matter if it's an anime, a cartoon, or a reality show.

    My personal favourite is probably Ginga Densetsu Gin, which is a really old anime that I grew up with.

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    I don't have a favourite show but I generally watch stuff that make me laugh s0 maybe----- Family guy? I'm not sure.


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      I've been really caught up with DBS lately but I was recently introduced to a new anime called fairy tail (it seems really fun) so either DBS or fairy tail


      • Deku4
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        Fairy tail is a really good anime, you should stick with it.

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      Seitokai Yakuindomo


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        Shokugeki no soma
        What happened to Agarp


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          I have tons of favorite tv-shows. So many that I cba to mention them all. Here's some that I watched in 2017 and i really liked, and would consider calling them my recent favorites.
          * Game of thrones
          * Road to Paloma
          * Frontier
          * Daredevil
          * Luke Cage
          * The Punisher
          * The Defenders


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            Pokemon and literally every cartoon that isn't a depressing reboot.
            Arceus~ The old and original person with a pokemon name in (TOTALLY THE ORIGINAL AND THAT CHARM WASN'T THE FIRST ONE TO HAVE A POKEMON NAME SSHSHHHHH)


            Been in Gota since 2015, and still proud to be in it.

            Despite its horrible community.

            Discord; ArceusK-w-#5954 Yes, i'm a furry. Deal with it.


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              mine has to be ed, edd n eddy definitely. i remember when the final episode was going to air on cartoon network and my big sis didn't let me watch it, those were the times.


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                If it isn't obvious already, My Hero Academia


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                  Actually i can say an anime but let's me get back you old, Samurai Jack